• Select a definition that best fits the following terms:
  • 1. Which Federal Agency regulates pesticides and rodenticides?

  • 2. Which Federal Agency regulates animal feeds?

  • 3. Which Federal Agency regulates vaccines and other biologics?

  • 4. Chloramphenicol

  • 5. Standard plate count

  • 6. What is the legal limit for somatic cells in cow milk in the United States?

  • 7. Which of the following drugs are strictly prohibited from extralabel use in food animal species?

  • 8. Some common causes of antibiotic residues in meat and milk include:

  • 9. How often must dairy farms be inspected?

  • 10. Iron residues on utensils and equipment can be identified by their characteristic

  • 11. Drug labels must contain the following information:

  • 12. Posting of a drug use protocol obviates the need for individual container labeling.
  • 13. Raw milk must be cooled to what temperature after milking?

  • 14. In terms of inspection of drug storage and labeling, the dairy farm includes all of the following except: