Dairy Residues Videos



Drugs & related laws

OTC, Rx, and extra-label use

Drug management program

Reasons for management Plan

Drugs with no extra-label use allowed

Routes of drug administration and absorption

Withdrawal time

Sensitivity of testing

Reasons residue is found: #1

Reasons residue is found: #2 and 3

Residue Monitoring

Other sources of residue

Prevention strategies

Blackberry 81xx test

Blackberry 83xx/88xx test

Dairy Sampling Videos

Bulk Tank p.1

Bulk Tank p.2

Bulk Tank p.3

Bulk Tank p.4

Dipper p.1

Dipper p.2

Dipper p.3

Dipper p.4

Sampling Cock p.1

Sampling Cock p.2

Tanker Sampling

Sampling Septum p.1

Sampling Septum p.2